Administrative Organization


  • Calvin Terry King, President

  • Gordon E. Woods, Vice President

  • Andrew Broskie, Academic Dean

  • George L. Rundle, Assistant Academic Dean

  • Mary Latos, Registrar

    • Faculty

  • Calvin Terry King, Professor (Bible, Pastoral Studies, Biblical Counseling),
    ; M.A.

  • Andrew Broskie, Professor Vice President or Academic Dean , B.A, ; M.A.,
    Penn State University

  • Gordon E. Woods, O.D. (Bible and Sciences)

  • Newman Samples , M.A. , Victory Baptist College

  • John Iskat, B.S. Penn State, M.E.D. University of Oklahoma, D.M.
    Andersonville Theological Seminary

  • George L. Rundle, Adjunct Professor (Bible, Theology, Christian Education,
    Counseling, Missions), B.R.E. in Missions, Tennessee Temple University,
    Chattanooga, Tennessee; D.D., Trinity Baptist College, Jacksonville, Florida;
    M.A. in Biblical Counseling, Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh,


    Trustees/Advisory Board

    Pastor Daniel King
    St. Augustine, FL

    Dr. Roy Hinman, M.D.
    St. Augustine, FL

    Pastor Gary Martin
    St. Augustine, FL

    Kelly Kemp
    Chaplain/Deputy Sheriff of
    St. Augustine, FL

    Pastor David Beecher
    Associate Pastor
    St. Augustine, FL

    Robert Huisinga
    Accountant & Executive
    Jacksonville, FL

    Robert F. Brophil
    St. Augustine, FL.